E. Shane Hoffman, DAOM, LAc

E. Shane Hoffman, DAOM, LAc

Clinical Director

Dr. Hoffman trained at the Oregon Oriental College of Medicine under the leading physicians of China, including Dr. Shizeng Yang, qigong therapist to the People's Republic of China Olympic Gymnastic team; and Dr. Gouhui Lui, author of TCM classics and male genito-urinary disorders including male infertility. While pursuing his studies, Shane was named to the national AIDS Activist Circle for his work in designing, creating and implementing an education, advocacy and peer support program for people living with HIV.

In Portland, Dr. Hoffman was part of the clinic team at The Institute for Traditional Medicine (ITM). The Institute is well known for its innovative work in developing protocols to apply Traditional Chinese Medicine to modern health issues such as HIV, CFS, MS, breast cancer, hepatitis, chronic pain and menopause. Shane also maintained a private practice in Oregon, treating everything from acne and allergies to shingles and tinnitus, with particular focus on athletic and performing arts related health. Since Dr. Hoffman joined Turning Point, over 16 years ago, he has taken doctoral specialty training with a double concentration in gynecology and geriatrics.

Having studied and practiced various traditions of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Iyengar yoga and meditation for the past 31 years, Dr. Hoffman's work is deeply informed by these healing disciplines. Dr. Hofffman is board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and licensed to practice by New York State. .

Theresa Palazzo, M.S., LAc

Theresa Palazzo, M.S., LAc

Theresa Palazzo found her way to Traditional Chinese Medicine by way of a dance injury and a dissatisfying career. Her initial course of acupuncture treatment resolved both these issues - soon after, she committed to a four-year program to become an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist herself. Theresa received her Masters Degree of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at Pacific College in New York City. Theresa initially dedicated her practice to treating athletes and performers during and after injury, she believes that everyone can benefit from this medicine, whether as preventative care for well-being, the treatment of pain syndromes, or as complementary care during the treatment of disease.

In addition, Theresa also practices the Mei Zen system of cosmetic acupuncture - an elegant treatment protocol based entirely on classical Chinese medicine - which allows for individualized treatments that address aging gracefully, while bringing vitality to the appearance of the face and neck.

Theresa is licensed to practice in New York and Connecticut and is a Board Certified Chinese Herbalist by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Gilles Obermayer, LMT

Gilles Obermayer, LAc, LMT

Gilles Obermayer, LAc, LMT specializes in the treatment of musculo-skeletal imbalances using a holistic approach. He also has experience working with clients who have undiagnosed psycho-somatic issues induced by emotional imbalances. My Obermayer is an experienced bodyworker who has been affiliated with the Bates Dance Festival, the Florida Dance Assoication Festival, the College Activites Office at Barnard College, the NYC 2008 Triathlon, and the NYC 2008 Marathon.

Gilles Obermayer is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist. He is graduate of the Swedish Institute (SI) with an Associate Degree in Occupational Science. He is also a graduate of the Ohashi Institute and is a certified Ohashiatsu practitioner. My. Obermayer's continuing education includes certification in sports massage (SI) and host stone massage (SI). He has also completed advanced studies in tuina, othopedic qu gong and the "treatment of trauma with external herbal remedies" with the Zheng Gu Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage Program.