At Turning Point Acupuncture we are thrilled to provide excellent care informed by extensive experience and the best training available in our field. Our practice adheres to the highest standards of excellence that have characterized it since its inception, more then twenty years ago, as we continue to provide care at the interface between Western and Chinese Medicine. We practice general Chinese medicine with specialties in women's health, performing arts medicine and musculoskeletal issues. Our skilled team of practitioners, lead by clinical director Shane Hoffman, DAOM, LAc, includes: Theresa Palazzo, MS, LAc; Linda Yuxia Qiu, LAc, MD; Gilles Obermayer, LAc, LMT; and Lourdes Guzman.

Acupuncture works to support people in optimal health through the application of the ancient wisdom of the Dao in Oriental Medicine. The extreme environment of our cities and our fast-paced culture exact a huge physical, emotional and spiritual toll on the individual. These stressors can cause internal patterns of disharmony that manifest in poor physical, emotional and spiritual health. In practice, Turning Point Acupuncture applies Traditional Chinese Medicine to address the stress of the modern condition.

Strengthening and rebalancing the body's underlying energetic forces to achieve harmony and a sense of well-being in today's difficult world is one of our primary goals. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are utilized, in addition to diet, exercise, and stress management strategies to address both immediate and long-term health concerns. The practitioners at Turning Point regularly tailor individual health maintenance programs to support those efforts. In addition to regular services,we also offer facial rejuvenation acupuncture, Medical Qigong by Yuxia Chiu, Reiki by master practitioner Lourdes Guzman, and Ren treatment by Gilles Obermayer, LAC LMT.

We are very proud of our commitment to patients and dedication to providing the highest level of service. We look forward to assisting you in your health needs.